MoP x20 Realm. Conversation with Marishka.

10-12-2015, 20:26
Игровой мир MoP x20. Беседа с Marishka`ой

Hello! Literary a week later a new realm x20 will be opened at our project. It’s a rather doubtful subject whether it is worth it or not. As it turned out, it will be not an ordinary realm but rather a huge and unusual experiment which should surprise the players. So, to dispel the myths I decided to ask Marishka some questions and attach the conversation with her:

{VictimsNiNo}: Hello, Marina. Tell me please some details about the opening of the new x20 realm. What will it be like? What is its feature?
{Marishka}: Hello. Its cherry on top will be a gradual unlocking of the game content. Players will be able to investigate the MoP world step by step. It’s a rather grand idea and trailblazing experiment for us. We hope players will like it.

{V}: Will you tell me about this feature in details? How it will be realized? What is it like?
{M}: We will try to make all the updates gradually step by step. We would like to give an opportunity to players to follow the way of Mists of Pandaria developing. We will begin with the 5.0.5 patch. Then we will gradually introduce new raids, dungeons, locations and buildings, battlegrounds, arenas and events.

{V}:How this system of gradual updates will be realized? What are the features?
{M}: It will be as slow and gradual as it was at the official MoP server. Our main aim is to fit the conditions in the game with the current content. These are pvp-resilence, damage and heal bonus, and also items and gears caps and many other things. At the same time it’s very important for us not to allow players to be bored. Thinking about the time frames, we’ve decided that three months would be enough to feel deeply the sense of game. For the same purpose we are working hard on fixing the quest chains, mobs and bosses. We would like to realize such game moments as scenarios and Brawler’s Guild in time. The most important part for us is an interaction with players, because they have a real chance to take part in creating of the game process of the new realm.

{V}: Why the x20 rate exactly has been chosen? So to say, «intermediate»?
{M}: Many players look for the golden mean for comfort playing. We already have a realm with very fast or almost instant leveling and a realm with slow pace of play for those who like hardcore and a slow progress. Taking into account the wishes of players we have created realm with medium rates which won’t take a lot of time to reach the maximal level and won’t let you to miss the main moments of the history of Pandaria. Its history is rather interesting and manifold and now you have a possibility to learn it with us.

{V}: What can you tell about the schedule of the stages opening? What are the plans?
{M}:Currently, we are planning to reach the update «Siege of Orgrimmar» within 9 months. But I think that the schedule will be adaptable and we will be correcting the dates of new upgrades. Players can learn about the changes from the following topic

I suppose, this interview helped you to understand that the plans on this new realms are grand and unusual and we hope you’ll like it. Come and start playing at this new realm which will be opened on 18.12.2015 at 18.00!!!

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