Changelog January 2016

3-02-2016, 02:54
Список исправлений за январь 2016 года

Hello, dear players! The first month of 2016 is over and it means that it's high time to summarise the work of our higly respected developers who have fixed a lot of bugs. For example, at the WotLK realms the work on ICC had been resumed and the second floor was repopulated and rebuilt, events has been spent and the Master of Visual Enchantments for weapons was added. As for the MoP realms, a lot of NPCs and quests have been fixed, the instances Heart of Fear and Mogu'shan Vaults have been rebuilt and and a host of other things. A detailed changelog you may learn from the links below:
- Wrath of the Lich King Changelog
- Mists of Pandaria Changelog