Экскурсия по скрытым местам Часть 4

Hello, dear players and guests of our project uwow.biz! Today, I will show you some secrets of World of Warcraft again, and precisely, hidden maps that have been created by Blizzard company for some reason but haven’t been included in game
26-01-2016, 01:26
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг

Hello, dear readers. As you may have already noticed from this article’s name, we continue to talk about class add-ons for WoW. And today we will look at Mage modifications. Read more
Пара слов о immage.biz и список новшеств

Hello. Recently, our administrator Armadon has introduced a new update for image hosting immage.biz, which has been created special for our game project. That’s why it is worth speaking about it separately. More
Dear players, we are glad to announce that prizes for voting in january will be sent within 24 hours to players of all the realms.
More information about the places inside.
WoW Legion: Артефакты (Часть 2)

Hello, dear players and guests of the project uwow.biz. Christmas holidays are over and we are glad to see you at our blog again. Today, we continue narration about class artifacts of WoW Legion. More
Тактика на Мастера Осады Черноплавса

Hello, dear players and visitors of our project uwow.biz. Literary two days ago the developers of Mists of Pandaria update introduced a new boss to us and to be precisely the 12th boss of the raid instance «Siege of Orgrimmar», Siegecrafter Blackfuse. More
28-12-2015, 22:56
Новый год 2016 на UWОW.biz

Dear uwow.biz players!

The administration congratulates you on upcoming New Year and Christmas. Let 2016 be more successful, bright, easy and filled with happy and joyful events.

We have prepared New Year gifts for you:
- New Year’s holiday event on Lich King and MoP (x1, x20, x100) realms;
- discounts for goods and services;
- traditional mass unban of every account and IP;
- free restoration of one character in your personal account (this gift will be available from the 1st of January till the 1st of February);
- personal pocket transmogrificator:
- unique holiday shirt for your character created especially for the 2016 New Year.

The administration thanks every player, who stayed with us in 2015. And we also truly wait for you to play on our realms in the future.

P.S. We will do a mass unban and send gifts by in-game mail after the New Year itself.

Dear players, we are planning to launch a new realm Mists of Pandaria х20.
The realm rates will be:
- Experience gained by killing mobs: x20
- Quests: x20
- Exploration: x7
- Drop: x7
- Gold: x5
- Reputation: x5

The realm will be launched on the 18th of December at 16.00 CET

We will be glad to see you all at the opening!
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