Тактика на Идеалы Клакси

Hello, dear players of our uwow.biz project. Few days ago developers gladdened players of Mists of Pandaria with new boss in raid instance Siege of Orgrimmar. This is…or rather… these are Klaxxi Paragons. Morea
Черная пятница: скидки на полный перенос персонажей!

Black friday - world day of global discounts. We have decided to keep up with the world and to surprise the players today. Only on the 27th of November you will be able to transfer your character from any server available. The price will be discounted by 60%. And that's still not it. We have provided a chance to make a full transfer of your favourite character, the price of which will be discounted by 30% untill the 31st of December inclusively. You can read the details here .
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Воин

Hello, dear readers. We continue our series of articles about the class add-ons for WoW, and today we will tell you about modifications for Warriors. Read more
21-11-2015, 15:12
Dear players,

the autumn arena season is coming to an end!

Read more too see the details
«Обратная сторона «Города-Призрака»» или как всё начиналось?

Dear players. I think each of you have heard a lot about a very popular game event which has a dark name Ghost Town. Since this is a very unusual, interesting and atmospheric event, I’ve decided that the story of its creation is no less interesting. More
15-11-2015, 22:23
WoW Legion: Охотник на демонов

Demon Hunter – is a new class which will appear at World of Warcraft Legion. In this article we will tell you about what this class represents and some facts from the history of WoW. More
[АКЦИЯ] Скидки на перенос с wowcircle и pandawow

We announce a new special offer. We have been asked to do it by a lot of players who didn't manage to transfer their characters during the September's special offer. You can fully transfer your characters from wowcircle and pandawow at a 50% dicsount.
The detailed information about this special offer can be found on our forum.
9-11-2015, 16:18
Dear players, the last few days we have been experiencing some temporary issues with the connection. These problems are caused by the main service provider and they are of a global character. Unfortunately, it's not up to us to be able to deal and fix this problem.
We hope that these issues will be solved soon.
История создания World of Warcaft. Часть 5

Hello dear players and visitors of the project uwow.biz. In this article from the category of «History of the creation of…» we will have a look at the history of the «misty» expansion set and precisely – Mists of Pandaria. More
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