9-09-2013, 22:26
Dear players, our project together with the ARCraft project, announce the launch of the Minecraft game server. It will be launched on the 18th of september aе19:00 (Moscow time).
Server site: http://arcraft.uwow.biz/
7-09-2013, 23:11
Dear players! Our server is under another wave of DDoS attacks.
We are sorry for the incovenience and do our best for performance restoration of our servers.
Thank you for understanding and patience.
Sincerely yours project administration.
2-09-2013, 10:04
Dear players! Because of the disk array failure and DDoS attack the x30 data base was damaged. The last base save is dated 1.09.2013. We present our apologies for this inconvenience. Yours sincerely administration.
1-09-2013, 13:53
Today at 14:00 (Moscow time) problems with the connection appeared at the line.
The reason is DDoS attack upon the project server.
30-08-2013, 19:17
Dear players, on occasion of the 1st of September 25% discounts will be at our server. This offer will last for three days.
Dear players, by popular request and for some objective reasons it was decided to delay the openning of the realm till 18:00 (Moscow time).
16-08-2013, 18:38
Dear players, we are glad to announce,

that on the 20th of August at 18.00 (Moscow time) we will launch new Mists of Pandaria x100 server.
You may download the client through the link
If you already have some other client, you need to download the following archive uWoW505.zip and put it in the game folder.
5-08-2013, 10:01
Dear players, arena season has ended. All rewards have been given to the winner teams. Arena is enabled.
Read more to check out the details.
26-07-2013, 23:34
We are experiencing some DC problems at the moment, therefore some of the realms are offline now. We have contacted our technicians in order to figure out what exactly happened. We hope that they will manage to fix everything fast enough. There have been a lot of surprise issues in our DC lately.

Sincerely, Server's Administration.
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