6-04-2013, 16:56
Dear users! Several special offers have been launched at the BC realm Asgard at the same time. Short list: leveling rate and gold drop rate have been increased temporal vendors have been set, also invite your friend offer has been announced and etc. Special offer details are here.
4-04-2013, 18:12
We've created a new unban system via personal account, which will help you to save your time and energy. It will be implemented through the personal account. Detailes are inside the news.
P.S. Those who already have ether on the character may write to our e-mail. Unban for ether is still working.
At the moment, we are conducting technical work at every realm. We will finish in two hours. Thank you for understanding.
Project's Administration
25-03-2013, 11:18
Today on 25.03.2013 arena season has come to its end. Arenas have been disabled in order to check teams and will be enabled on the 25th of March in the morning. Because of the cross realm arena modernization, arena season end has been delayed for 2 months which turned out to be longer and not as we expected in the first place.
Project's Administration
24-03-2013, 21:30
Dear players, we've decided to rebalance the Burning Crusade x15 realm.This decision is based on the results of the open voting. You may learn the details about the changes at the forum.
In the Fireland raid instance Ragnaros is scripted and available for kill at every difficulty mode now.
It's worth noting that this boss is available only at our server now among all the free shards....

You may learn Ragnaros strategy guide and share your impressions at our forum
At the moment, we are conducting technical works at all the realms except for x1,x30 and FUN. They will be switched on soon. Works are connected with the problems with core which lead to the achievement disappearing, and the problems with their proper work. We are restoring personal data to avoid rollback. Sorry for inconvenience. Project's Administration.
18-03-2013, 19:28
Dear players, we have been forced to do x1, x30 and FUN rollback due to technical problems. Rollback will last till 3 a.m. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will send to the players of these realms small prizes as consolation. Respectfully yours, Project's Administration.
13-03-2013, 15:16
Ladies and gentlemen, we glad to announce that the new special offers is launched at the BUrning Crusade for the players of the WotLK realms at UWoW. You may learn the details here.
8-03-2013, 01:18
Dear lovely ladies! Server's Administration congratulates you on 8th of March. Let this day give you carpets of roses, fur of obedient men's hearts, brilliants of most exquisite words!
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