6-01-2013, 17:22
Dear players,
Our servers have been experiencing some maintenance issues since yesterday. All this was due to the bad players that found a whole in the server's core. They were causing the servers to crash. Currently, we managed to find those players and ban them. Maintenance issue has been fixed. Have a good game.

Sincerely, server's Administration.
3-01-2013, 05:07
Administration has decided to restart the X75 realm. You may find details in the full news.
31-12-2012, 19:40
Dear players!

We wish you and all your relatives happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Запуск FUN Cataclysm 4.3.4 состоится 30-го декабря в 12:00 по МСК.

Подробности под капотом
24-12-2012, 19:43
Dear players, we've changed an e-mail where you should have sent applications to get an oficial project streamers vacancy (detailed informarion is here.

Current e-mail - [email protected] Everyone who have sent application to the previous adress, we ask to resend them to the new one, otherwise they won't be considered.

Respectfully yours, administration.
23-12-2012, 13:09
Dear player, we've decided to launch several new realms on the New Year's holidays.
The first one is BK x15. It will be launched on the 25th of December at 18.00 (Moscow time).
Here's the information about the event boss at the LK realms, about the loot and about the planned launch of the discount system.
19.12 14:40

Due to incorrect night update, a new bug has appeared with the restoration of the removed items and that's why the mail was full of spam. Administration has to make roll-back to the night back-up. The servers will be switched on as soon as the bases will be recovered.

Sorry for the inconvenicence.
18-12-2012, 17:58
Dear players!

On occasion of the New Year, administration have decided to make gifts for players .
Details are inside the news.

Dear players.
16.12.2012 at 01.00 (Moscow time) the unplanned technical works will be conducted at all the 3.3.5 servers.
Aproximate down time is 1-2 hours.
Project's administration.
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