12-04-2012, 23:33
Dear players of our server!

x1, x30, x75, x115 and FUN realms will undergo a maintenance tonight on the 13th of April at 1 AM.

We apologize for the temporarily inconvenience.

Sincerely, uwow.biz Administration.
Dear players.
Let's summarize the contest results as usual. According to the conditions, top 5 voted players, are rewarded with the etherial coins in amount of:

1 place - 1500 etherial coins
2 place - 1250 etherial coins
3 place - 1000 etherial coins
4 place - 750 etherial coins
5 place - 500 etherial coins

So, the March winners:

Tentacruel 392 x1 2012-03
Димзор 205 x100 2012-03
контрос 198 x125 2012-03
Stricken 197 FUN 2012-03
Psixapat 154 x125 2012-03

Congratulations. The rewards have been sended via the mail.

Project's administration.
Dear players of our server!
Today on x100 realm a new core was installed. As for now, we will be giving it trial runs. Therefore, in order to make PvP'ers happy for the first time after a while here is a list of features:
- This realm will have some sort of MMR thing, not fully implemented of course, but we will try to work on it.
- In order to make it relevant we are ending arena season. It means that every arena team will be wiped:
Team names and more detailed information can be found by following this link
The problem has been solved, our LAN commutator broke and we replaced it with a new one. Everything should be fine now.
21-03-2012, 18:58
Dear players, during the last three days we have been experiencing some communication issues. Currently, we are trying to solve this problem with our internet provider.

Sincerely, Uwow.biz Administration.
Dear players! Tonight after 2 AM (Moscow time), Cataclysm servers will undergo a maintenance. The expected downtime is 4 hours.
Please be patient. We hope you understand the situation and we apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely, uwow.biz Administration.
5-03-2012, 22:14
Dear players, for the past 3 days, as you all may have noticed, we have been experiencing some problems on our server. They are related to massive and prolonged DDoS attack. We are trying our best to fully recover our servers' workability. We apologize for the inconvenience, Uwow.biz Administration.
3-03-2012, 22:27
Dear players!

During the transportation of Cataclysm realms to the new hardware we have been experiencing some unexpected problems. After 4 hours of trying to solve these problems, we decided to switch everything back to the old server. All data has been saved, there should be no rollbacks and character loss.
Dear players of our project!

Today at 6:00 - 6:25 time interval there was a loss of connection on all realms. This happened due to a small accident in the data center line. At the moment, servers are back online, but there might be some disconnects and ping increase. Data center's engineers are already working on solving this problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Have a good game. Sincerely, Administration.
27-02-2012, 21:18
Dear players!

Currently, we are experiencing some issues with our main ISP because of which some of the players can not log in.

The problem is being solved, please be patient. We hope you understand the situation and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Sincerely, Administration.
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