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9-06-2012, 21:50
Dear players.
Let's summarize the contest results as usual. According to the conditions, top 5 voted players, are rewarded with the etherial coins in amount of:

1 place - 1500 etherial coins
2 place - 1250 etherial coins
3 place - 1000 etherial coins
4 place - 750 etherial coins
5 place - 500 etherial coins

So, the May winners:

Nerzulka 189 x125
Colibri 128 x125
Троша 124 x100
Feelnice 106 x100
prostovlad 103 x125

Congratulations. The rewards have been sended via the mail.

Project's administration.
Dear players!
We present you a new realm - FUN Cataclysm.
Breathtakig events with great prizes, Gurubashi arena and other pvp-zones, pvp-npc.
Take a break from eternal farming of the instances and let yourself relax at the new uwow FUN server.

How to start(click)

Happy playing,
Respectfully yours uwow.biz' administration
1-06-2012, 23:16
Dear players! Tonight at about 1 PM Moscow time all realms will undergo a maintenance. The server will be shut down during the process.

The expected downtime is about half an hour.

After the update there were some log in and overall realm issues. Currently, all the problems are fixed.

We apologize fot the inconvenience.

Sincerely, uwow.biz Administration.
29-05-2012, 07:46
Login server failed for about a half an hour ago. We are цorking on the restoration of its woking capacity.
HDD is broken.

Work of the login server and servers is restored.

After restoration of the login servers some problems appeared with the entrance to Cataclysm realms. The problem is eliminated at the moment..

Sorry for the inconvenience, happy playing.
Respectfully yours administration.
Dear players

Now, you have a possibility to restore the deleted charactarter in automatic mode. The vendor, which changes the faction, race and sex now has one more line - "restore deleted character for 400 etherial coins". That's why , the restoration of the intentionally or unintentionally deleted character you were gearing up for two years and spend a lot of time on which is not a problem anymore. It works in the following way: let's suppose that you have A, B and C characters at your account and the A was deleted for some reason and you want to restore it. You need to have 400 etherial coins at your B or C characters. It's very important to have coins at the character of the same account where the deleted character was. If deleted character was the only one, than you may create a new one and buy 400 etherial coins. Then come to sex/faction/race changing vendor and click the last line. It will activate the automatic data base analysis to find the recently deleted characters. Then, you will see the list of the characters which can be restored. Click the name and the character will be restored at your account. Note, that the name of the character must be free. That's why, if your character has quite interesting and wide-spread name - don't waste time, otherwise somebody may take your name and it will take much time to restore it.

Project administration.
Donations via WebMoney are available now

At the moment, three systems for donationa are available
1) ROBOKASSA to where WebMoney is included + many other ways of payment
2) Z-PAYMENT to where WebMoney is included + many other ways of payment
3) Interkassa to where webmoney isn't included, but there are a lot of differend convenient ways of payment.
4) SMS

At the moment, donations are available via WebMoney can be done with the help of ROBOKASSA and Z-PAYMENT.

Servers's administration.
Dear users, there is a unique oportunity for the active VK group members to participate in its development!
We are looking for the moderators.


- to filtrate spam
- to answer the players' questions and users support in the group
- to filtrate video/audio materials from the repeatitions and so on
- to keep a blog/photoalbum of the group corresponding theme


- to be older 18
- you will be given the post of moderator in game
- you have to have an account with 50+ messages and without violations at the forum
- presents of the game account with over 10-day experience of playing (/played to check)

Leave your applications here in the topic at the forum (the same goes for the moderators!).
The dates: since 14.05 till 19.05 (interviews will be held on saturday/sunday)
12-05-2012, 08:36

On occasion of the 1st of May, a special offer for etherial coins will be launched.
You will be given additional 5% of etherial coins for single more than 1000 of rubles donation.

Also, the bonus system has been launched.
Upon any donation:

500r + 1%
1000r + 5%
6000r + 10%
15000r + 15%
30000r + 20%
60000r + 30%

1 The total amount of money is counted for a single account and binds to it. All the characters of this account from any realm are included in the system.
2 Upon receiving of the SMS bonus, 50% of the bonus will be credited.
3 Percents from the bonus and from single payment are summarized.
4 Bonus is not a straight help to the server and can not be transferred.
5 Bonus will be sent in additional letter.
Dear players.

Due to increasing of the attempts to transfer the others donations using screenshots or e-mail which doesn't coincide with the account e-mail and also to make the counting and giving out of the bonus coins easier, we've decided to limit coins transfer with the account where they are situated. So, the transfer to the other accounts will no longer be possible.

Project's administration.
8-05-2012, 21:19
The Teamspeak 3 server has been opened at the adress ts3.uwow.biz
You may download the client having followed the link click
To create permanent lobby, you should write the administrator: Massacre.
Come, communicate, play!
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