Бесплатный лучший сервер wow

6-06-2013, 09:12
As you know, there is a Stream tab at the site but it doesn't work. We've decided to change it.
From now, anyone can add theirs stream to the site.
4-06-2013, 17:26
Dear players, we are being DDoS'ed the third day in a row, we didn't experience anything like that for the whole time of our server history. We are not the only ones that have problems. Circle, Isengard, Aldoran and so on are also being DDoS'ed. We are thankful to those who didn't lose their humanity and understand the situation. We will try our best to compensate everything, because you weren't able to play normally for 3 days. During the week we will tell you what kinds of items we will send and when we will do it. You see, everyone is running his legs off and the main thing now is to defend the server.

Once again, thanks to everyone who behaves with dignity, we are working just for you.
3-06-2013, 20:37
Dear players, if you are experiencing some log in issues try to close the game client, delete Cache folder, open the client again and try to log in. If you didn't restart the client after the moment we changed log in address then the client won't find the new address without a restart. If this also didn't help you then go to Data/ruRU folder and change set realmlist login.uwow.biz to set realmlist
Today, 02.06 at 10:00 there was a several gygabit DDoS attack, because of which the provider switched the site off.
At the moment, we are working on the protection and the site recovering.
29-05-2013, 23:30
Dear players of x125, your realm at 1:00 (Moscow time) will be switched off due to technical works. The works will last for 3-4 hours or maybe a bit longer if any unpredictable problems appear.
22-05-2013, 22:16
At night on 23.05.2013 at 01:00 technical work at the project servers are planned.
There may be temporal disconnections with down time till the morning.
Upd 4.20 - tecnical works have finished
At the server where x125 realm is situated some technical problems have appeared. At the moment, we are working on the solving the problems.

An error in the work of the server has appeared. The problem is eliminated at the moment.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Rated Battlegroung has been implemented.
- Dragon Soul: Morchok script has been implemented.
- Mount work has been rewriten.
6-05-2013, 16:33
The server in the data-center where the Fun, x1.x30 and x75 are situated has crashed.
The work of the realms is fixed, a cooler has broken in the server and it caused lags and freezes of the realms.
6-05-2013, 03:10
Project's server is being DDoS'ed.
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