Бесплатный лучший сервер wow

In the Fireland raid instance Ragnaros is scripted and available for kill at every difficulty mode now.
It's worth noting that this boss is available only at our server now among all the free shards....

You may learn Ragnaros strategy guide and share your impressions at our forum
At the moment, we are conducting technical works at all the realms except for x1,x30 and FUN. They will be switched on soon. Works are connected with the problems with core which lead to the achievement disappearing, and the problems with their proper work. We are restoring personal data to avoid rollback. Sorry for inconvenience. Project's Administration.
18-03-2013, 19:28
Dear players, we have been forced to do x1, x30 and FUN rollback due to technical problems. Rollback will last till 3 a.m. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will send to the players of these realms small prizes as consolation. Respectfully yours, Project's Administration.
13-03-2013, 15:16
Ladies and gentlemen, we glad to announce that the new special offers is launched at the BUrning Crusade for the players of the WotLK realms at UWoW. You may learn the details here.
8-03-2013, 01:18
Dear lovely ladies! Server's Administration congratulates you on 8th of March. Let this day give you carpets of roses, fur of obedient men's hearts, brilliants of most exquisite words!
2-03-2013, 22:46
Dear players, the administration would like to congratulate you on the 8th of March and we also would like to announce a sale. From the 7th till 9th of March there will be a 30% discount on all items and services.
28-02-2013, 12:38
Dear players, the last two weeks some players have been experiencing high ping numbers which caused lags in-game.
Yesterday the problem was discovered and fixed by technicians from DC.
We apologize for the inconvenience, have a good game.
22-02-2013, 23:39
Dear players, the administration would like to congratulate you on the 23rd of February and we would also like to announce a sale. From the 23rd till the 25th of February there will be a 25% discount on all items and services. Moreover, on such occasion we will prepare a surprise which is related to donation service for you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to tell you that you can transfer your characters from other servers to our Burning Crusade realm. It's absolutely free of charge. You can find out the details by clicking right HERE.
P.S. WotLK and Cata realms don't have a transfer function yet, but it will be available soon.
Dear players.
Let's summarize the contest results as usual. According to the conditions, top 5 voted players, are rewarded with the etherial coins in amount of:

1 place - 1500 etherial coins
2 place - 1250 etherial coins
3 place - 1000 etherial coins
4 place - 750 etherial coins
5 place - 500 etherial coins

So, the January winners:

Daler 517 x150
Deepfrosts 383 x100
Fernabo 187 FUN
Muernabo 166 FUN
strekozza 139 FUN

Congratulations. The rewards have been sended via the mail.

Project's administration.
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