Бесплатный лучший сервер wow

Good day to all the users of our project.

Today I would like to tell you about one of our planned innovations. This is the streams portal.
Dear players.
We've found fake-sire, the creators of which present themselves as representatives of our project and try to sell nonexistent services, deceiving naive and credulous people. Read details at the project forum news.
ATTENTION! The transfer from x125 to x175 (Cataclysm) has been opened.
To transfer, talk to NPC in Durotar or Elwynn Forest at x125. You will find the guide at him.
The transfer will be actual for a month. After that x125 will be closed.
21-11-2012, 19:31
Today, 21.11 at 6 p.m. an attack upon our project's servers is observed. Site and forum can be temporarily not available due to the attack. Also, if you can not get to the site, your IP can be blacklisted by firewall and possibly, the attack goes from your ip. After the DDoS attack, the black list will be cleared.
20-11-2012, 21:33
Dear players of our server!
Currently, all characters were unbanned on all realms. The reason of their ban was wintrading in 3s bracket.
Also, as a punishment we have implemented a script which is going to delete all PvP gear that these unbanned characters had. We believe that after this incident you won't do this mistake again and we hope that the following arena seasons will be much fair.
Sincerely, Administration.
Dear players.

According to your numerous requests, and after a long and thorough discussion, we've decided to change and balance the starting arena rating at all the gaming realms. Also, we've conducted wipe of all existing teams, because it would be impossible to change the rating without it. Hopefully, it will be much easier to sum up the season results and there will no be any arguable points. And remember, the logs are written, don't try to cheat. We wish you the honest victories and achievements.

Project's administration.
12-11-2012, 11:33
Today 12.11.2012 the arena season has end at the servers. Titles, achievements and rewards have been given out according to the places taken.
All the teams and rating have been wiped.
Welcome to the new inter-realm season!
Write about all the problem in the corresponding topics at the forum.
Project administration.
Dear players!
х2 and x175 (Cataclysm) realms will be updated to 4.3.4 patch version. It will take place on the day from the 31st of October till 1st of November.
You can download the client by following this link "Click"
The realm start will be held on the 20th of October at 18:00

х25 rates.

You may download 2.4.3. client version throught the link below.

Download 2.4.3 BK client
As for the rewards and winners. Here's the list:

1. Виолетта Angellochek х100 Post №28 (140 votes [13.17%])
2. Юля Gallegos х100 Post №25 (103 votes [9.69%])
3. Агробаба х115 Post № 9 (49 votes [4.61%])

4. Юля Хаски х125 Post №27 (47 votes [4.42%])
5. Настя Evellin х125 Post №13 (42 votes [3.95%])
6. Польза х115 Post №35 (38 votes [3.57%])
7. Ирина Bagi х115 Post №2 (37 votes [3.48%])
8. Таня Тэра х125 Post №16 (36 votes [3.39%])
9. Настя Unreality х100 Post №19 (34 votes [3.20%])
10. Елена Fully х125 Post №11 (33 votes [3.10%])
10. Аня Mallinka х150 Post №12 (33 votes [3.10%])

The 10-th place is taken by two girls and we've decided to give pets to both of them)
Request, the mentioned competitors to write me the nickname and realm where you would like to get your pet.

Applications for those who are interested.

I'm waiting in pm for three winners with the nicknames, skypes to check your identity and WM numbers to send out the prizes. (Agis)
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