Бесплатный лучший сервер wow

5-10-2013, 21:03
Dear players, Miss Uwow voting has started. See, estimate and vote! You may vote HERE.
25-09-2013, 00:35
22-09-2013, 21:28
Today's night on the 23.09 at 02:00 (Moscow time)at the Mists of Pandaria x100 realm technical works will be conducted.
The will be last for about 3-4 hours.

Update: 05.30
Technical works has been finished, updates have been installed and the servers have been launched.
18-09-2013, 16:35
Dear players! The fixes of the incorrect work of the Mists of Pandaria servers are conducted at our server constantly.
Here are some of them:
- Several thousands of items have been added.
- Traffic consumption has been fixed. Now it requires thrice as less traffic.
- The work of the spell effects has been rewritten. Server load has become smaller.
- Spells and abilities are no longer bugging.
- The Pandaria "well fed" ability is no longer summing up with the other same effects.
- Mana, energy, rage will no longer set to zero after changing of the build.
The detailed changelog you may find here
16-09-2013, 14:20
Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Uwow 2013 contest has started. You may get acquainted with the rules and conditions of the contest HERE.

Dear ladies, hurry to participate in a rewards rush:)
14-09-2013, 23:12
Dear players. Our server is still under the DDoS attacks. We do our best to return you a possibility to play at our servers as soon as possible. We don't give up and hope that you won't give up too. Thank you for staying with us.
Sincerely yours administration.
9-09-2013, 22:26
Dear players, our project together with the ARCraft project, announce the launch of the Minecraft game server. It will be launched on the 18th of september aе19:00 (Moscow time).
Server site: http://arcraft.uwow.biz/
7-09-2013, 23:11
Dear players! Our server is under another wave of DDoS attacks.
We are sorry for the incovenience and do our best for performance restoration of our servers.
Thank you for understanding and patience.
Sincerely yours project administration.
2-09-2013, 10:04
Dear players! Because of the disk array failure and DDoS attack the x30 data base was damaged. The last base save is dated 1.09.2013. We present our apologies for this inconvenience. Yours sincerely administration.
1-09-2013, 13:53
Today at 14:00 (Moscow time) problems with the connection appeared at the line.
The reason is DDoS attack upon the project server.
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